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Next Step’s mission is now and has always been to uphold the sanctity of all life born and unborn. With that in mind we offer ourselves and our resources to women, girls, and families facing planned and unplanned pregnancies.

To be listeners, to counsel, to provide a safe space, to share up to date and factual information on all pregnancy options including parenting, adoption and abortion. We are here to serve our clients in whatever way we can to work toward good outcomes for mother and child.

Whatever obstacles our clients face, we are here to help them work through them. With our professional medical staff we can provide a certain answer to whether or not she is pregnant. We can provide an early OB ultrasound to see his/her progress. We can provide a layette, baby clothes and supplies, formula, diapers, books and furniture. We can provide help in filling out paperwork for WIC coverage and other prenatal and further medical coverage. We can provide resources for housing, education, food, classes, and counselling. We can get her in touch with our partner Bethany Christian Adoption agency if that is the best fit.

We can be there for her and her family with compassion, patience, knowledge and encouragement. That’s Next Step.

Our Client Site is designed to share non-judgmental information and details on the free services we offer. Abortion is an option for some mothers but not one we perform, pre-screen for or refer. But we want to encourage our clients to come to us for real information and real solutions. So we can and do discuss abortion and its procedures and effects. It’s out there and can’t be ignored. We want our clients to come to us so we can share in the good news and serve. Ultimately whatever our clients decide is theirs alone and sometimes though we may give the news of a positive pregnancy test and even an ultrasound we do not know the outcomes. But the bottom line is we’re here to serve with compassion and honesty in what ways we can.

Thank you – Heather Vasquez (3/4/2020)

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