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Hello friends! I invite you to watch this very short video and I hope it touches your heart and reinforces why you believe in Next Step Pregnancy Services and why your support is so very essential! This is “Stephanie”. You may remember her from a very brief clip on our Annual Virtual Gala back in June. Here is her full interview in its entirety. Take a watch, share, and again – if it touches your heart as it did mine when I sat down with her – please continue to support Next¬†Step Pregnancy Services with your time, talent, and treasure! Even more so in a time when things go from bleak to bleaker. There is always hope and where there is hope – there is life.
Next Step Pregnancy Services is about sharing truth and life. Stephanie’s exact story is why we do what we do.But being able to take a step back, get informed, feel heard, and realize you have choices is all it takes to change fear into hope. For Stephanie being able to see her child during the ultrasound was what she needed to move forward with hope. And Next Step, with the help of supporters like you, provided that hope for Stephanie and her little girl.
P.S excuse the missing “N”!

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